Aims & Objectives

  1. To develop learners’ sensitivity to language use, their cultural awareness, and their creative and critical thinking by exposing students to a variety of genres
  2. To groom students as inquisitive, motivated, transforming and achieving learners
  3. To equip and provide support for students in NSS so as to achieve further in DSE
  4. To provide junior learners a solid foundation of language skills so that they can acquire good language learning strategies and increase their readiness for NSS curriculum

Goals of the Year

  1. To nurture students as Quality St. Marians and Transforming Learners
  2. To promote English by fostering collaboration among teachers of different subjects/ teams
  3. To sustain students’ interests in learning through multiple learning and teaching strategies (from 19-20 L&T major concern)
  4. To provide diversified modes of assignments with a view to strengthening students’ learning capacity and consolidating their learning outcome (from 19-20 L&T major concern)
  5. To review and adopt teaching strategies that can engage learning for students with diverse abilities and learning styles, in particular for elite ones
  6. To enhance organization and implementation of “English Enhancement Programmes” 
  7. To enrich the English language environment in support of the MOI policy

Useful links

Useful Links

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Quill and Keyboard

Quill & Keyboard

The pen is mightier than the sword, and here you’ll find examples of powerfully moving writing by some of our most outstanding students. 
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Department documents

Department Documents

Need information about our assessment system or SBA component?  Our Department Documents are all archived here for your convenience.
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