Literature in English

School Based Assessment


The SBA component constitutes 20% of the total weighting for the subject.

It involves the preparation of an extended essay on a theme/work/writer connected to the learnerís study in the subject OR an analytical study/review of a film/play/performance, OR (a) pieces(s) of creative writing, of around 2000 to 2500 words.

Work for the SBA should be related to, but not exclusively or extensively based on, the set texts. Learners can use the texts they study as an inspiration for their SBA work, but they should not include detailed analysis of those works. Instead, they should focus on other arts-related materials. In the context of this subject, Ďartsí refers to activities such as literature, cinema, television, music, painting and dance, which people can take part in for the purposes of enjoyment, or to create various impressions and/or meanings.

The main prose or film works chosen for study should be written or made originally in English. Studies of other cultural media should centre on the works of English-speaking artists or performers. Candidates should be encouraged to make connections between what they read and things occurring in Hong Kong and around the world. Cross-cultural references can be made in the work, e.g. comparing the set film with local films/television. Extended essays which deal exclusively with such subjects as history, sociology, psychology, scientific or liberal studies are not appropriate.

Extended essays are more formal and academic, and may involve the submission of a thesis regarding the theme, work or writer chosen. This thesis may require exposition, substantiation, synthesis and a conclusion. The aim is to find out something. Students will be expected to have consulted references so there should be a bibliography.

The film/play/performance review should be similar to those read in magazines or newspapers. They convey impressions quite informally and often in a humorous style. It may be necessary to include a background to the story/film/drama etc., and perhaps some biographical material, but the heart of the matter must still be the review which involves critical analysis of the text for its matter and manner. The nature of the text reviewed should largely dictate the tone and, in general, both should be congruent.

Creative should tackle themes and issues in an imaginative and stimulating way. For short fiction, candidates should pay attention to dramatic elements, such as setting, characterization, plot structure, dialogue narrative techniques. Poems should display appropriate and effective use of poetic form, structure and devices.

Submissions for SBA work should not exceed the word limit, which includes footnotes. Work should be typed on A4 paper with the task type(s) clearly indicated on the front cover and presented in a folder. SBA work will be collected by the school at the end of December preceding the year of examination.

***Candidates are required to safe-keep their SBA work for inspection and authentication purposes until the release of the HKDSE results.***



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