MMLC IT/AV Facilities
The Multi-media Learning Centre (MMLC) is one of the most important features of the school・s extension project. Forty-four sets of student workstations, with 3 GHz microprocessors, main memory of 512 MBytes, hard drives of the latest model and LCD monitors, which are procured and assembled by the IT Infrastructure Team, have been installed in the MMLC. These workstations are the most advanced ones used amongst the secondary schools in Hong Kong. With such sophisticated facilities, students at St. Mary・s are very well-equipped to fully and efficiently develop their potentials and learning capacities.
A high-quality audio system, VCR, DVD player, video presenter and infrared PA system have also been installed in the MMLC so as to make learning a more convenient practice.

The MMLC can also be used as a language learning centre. Each workstation in the MMLC is installed with the software :Infinity V;, which can assist language learning by allowing students to make voice recordings and comparisons. With this piece of specialised software, students can learn and practise English, Putonghua and other foreign languages in a more flexible way. The software also allows teachers to monitor students・ practice, or even to participate in students・ discussions.


Introduction on the Major Facilities
Teacher's Workstation & Dual Monitors
Wireless PA system and Teacher's Headset & Mic
Audio Output from Teacher's Workstation
LCD Projector
Video Presenter
DVD Player
Video Cassette Recorder & Player
Cassette Tape Recorder & Player
Infinity V User Manual (PDF)