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ArdourA Renaissance: Develop Our Unique Railway 



“Ardour”, means great enthusiasm or passion. It also means our enthusiasm to reach the goal. Even though there are many unpredictable challenges waiting for us in the coming year, we are motivated in making discoveries, so as to move on and pursue our destination with our splendid enthusiasm. 


Thus, we have to initiate “A Renaissance” to "Develop Our Unique Railway". 


A renaissance is a new growth of activity or interest in some areas. Throughout our journey, there is no doubt that we will be upset when facing our failure at the beginning. But, failure breeds success. We can create and begin our own unique journey proactively to escape from these predicaments. 


In this year, we hope St. Marians would take the initiative when facing difficulties by assembling their own path, and become better versions of ourselves, better St. Marians. 



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如果在萬籟俱寂的黑夜裡找不到光, 我們便該成為那束光。就像魯迅先生說的那樣,「有一分熱,發一分光。不必等候炬火,此後如竟沒有炬火,我便是唯一的光。」用這束光,照亮自己和他人,踏出探索未知的第一步,找尋心中的歸宿和快樂。 




「路漫漫其修遠兮 吾將上下而求索」前方的道路還很漫長,但聖瑪利人將會百折不撓,不遺餘力地去追求和探索。