About the Community Service Union

We are not put on this planet for ourselves, but are placed here for each other.

─ Wails of the helpless ones buried in rubbles in Haiti,

─ Bony hands of the starving ones in Africa

─ Tears trickling down the cheeks of the lonely elderly in HK

Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us daily. We are to reach out our hands and express concern, love, care and compassion towards the needy.

The Community Service Union acts as a bridge between the society and people from different walks of life. We have been actively promoting and organizing various social services. Students are given opportunities to get in touch with people and devote themselves into the society.

Apart from the flag selling activities, we have also organised other activities which allow student to understand more about the world and the social problems. The packed food collection was successfully held in January and the generous donation had gone to the Food Bank.

We, global citizens, are bonded together, to fill every heart with joy and laughter. The Community Service Union unites every St. Marian's heart, to serve with inspiration and aspiration.

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The Guidelines include the requirements St. Marians have to fulfill, the record sytem and the links of other organizations for your reference.

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The Community Service Ambassadors have been actively organizing activities and community services for all St. Marians.